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Reetha also is known as soapberry, and soap nut is a dried fruit that is found in tropical areas of India mainly in Western coastal Maharashtra and also in China. The herb is known as Indian soapberry popularly as well and is used since ancient times. It belongs to the Sapindaceae family. It has amazing benefits health, reetha for  hair, and skin. Apart from that, People often make liquid soap with reetha. It can be used as a detergent to wash dishes, surfaces, clothes, and to clean the windows. People prefer to use it for washing and cleaning purposes because it is odourless and free from chemicals. The soap is user friendly, safe, and affordable. It’s widely used among people in different countries. Here you will get information about a lot of different ways in which you can use this herb. Reetha is mostly very effective for hair and skin.

Wonderful Benefits And Uses Of Reetha

Benefits Of Reetha For Hairs

natural remedies for strong hair

Using Reetha for hair is highly recommended as it has numerous benefits for the hairs especially due to the presence of iron in it. It helps to make the hair strong, shiny, and darker as contains a saponin compound in it. The herb also is used in various hair products such as hair tonics, serums which are for different hair problems.

Using reetha powder is very effective for making the hair thick and voluminous. You can use it in the form of soap for washing your hair, regular use of it helps with problems such as white flakes and dandruff. For best results mix soapnut with Shikakai powder and let it stay for one night before using it. This shampoo can be used two to three times a day for beautiful, strong healthy hair. The different vitamins in this herb make the hair shiny and insecticidal properties help in getting rid of lice for a clear scalp. People use this herb to get rid of dry frizzy hair and split ends. Reetha is best  herb for hair.

Benefits Of Reetha For Health

herbal remedies for asthmaThis natural herb is used for various health problems such as migraines and bouts. If you use it you can get relive from such problems easily. Apart from that reetha is used for the treatment of curing unnecessary salivation and mouth soreness which is a problem faced by many people. Moreover, it’s also really effective in treatments of people having drug and smoking addiction. It helps in reducing the craving for harmful drugs and cigarettes etc.

Soapnut has emetic and anthelmintic qualities that are beneficial for asthma patients. They can inhale the smell of this herb for getting quick relief from an asthma attack. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which are great for relieving pains. The use of soap nut is useful for boosting the immune system which is essential to stay healthy and fall sick less frequently. High cholesterol levels can be treated by drinking reetha juice. The blood sugar levels are also controlled with as it has anti-diabetic properties. People who have blood sugar must use it to maintain blood sugar levels. The anti-oxidants are great for preventing cancer. The soap nut water is great for treating sore eyes, it gives instant relief.

Reetha For Skincare  

best treatment for dry skin on face

Reetha  has incredible benefits for the skin. You can use it simply as a daily face wash for soft, smooth, and fair skin, just mix soapberry liquid with any essential oil which you like and then wash your face with it. It can be used as a body wash as well. To make a body wash mix four to five tablespoons of soap liquid with any essential oil or olive oil and massage it all over your body, after that wash it for a moisturized and soft skin.

Moreover, people with dry and rough skin can use this herb as it makes the skin moisturized to get rid of the dryness with regular use. This herb is also a great cleanser that helps to deep clean the skin and removes the impurities. Reetha is popular among girls for an even skin tone and a fair complexion. If you have any acne, acne scars, whiteheads, and blackheads regular use of this herb can help in treating these skin problems.

Medical Uses Of Reetha

remedies for dry skin faceReetha has some properties which make it a great herb for medical use. It has anti-bacterial properties which make it a great ingredient to be used in the manufacturing of anti-bacterial hand washes. Moreover, the herb is also used in various beauty clinics for cleaning and facials purposes. The synthetic chemical is removed with this herb from different fruit and vegetables. The antiseptic properties present in soap nut makes it a great herb to be used in herbal skin care products and cosmetics. Soapnut is also used for removing the venom of a snake or Scorpio. If anyone gets bitten by them mix jaggery and reetha powder apply it on the infected area.

Uses Of Reetha For Cleaning And Other Purposes

Reetha(soap nut) For CleaningReetha is widely used to keep water septic tanks free of germs due to its antimicrobial properties. The anti-bacterial properties present in it make it a great dishwasher that removes all the oil and stickiness present on the utensils. The herb is used for cleaning different areas of the house such as kitchen, bathrooms, etc. It helps in making it bacteria free and protecting you from different infections and bacteria which can make you sick.

For making a cleanser first add soap nut liquid in a bottle and then add an essential oil like lavender or any other for a refreshing fragrance. Lastly, add lemon juice which has antiseptic properties and also acts as a natural bleaching agent. Use this spray for cleaning windows, door, cabinets, marble, steel, and kitchen surfaces. Soapnut can be used for cleaning the jewelry. You just need to make a solution of this herb by mixing it with water and then soak the jewelry in it for some time like around 15-20 minutes and after that slowly clean it using a small brush. You will see that your jewelry will become just like new again.

Reetha benefits 

Reetha has awesome benefits for skin, health, and other purposes. It must be used with care as it has some risks associated with it as well. Firstly, this herb must not be used by pregnant women as it can lead to abortion. Moreover, always test this herb on small areas of the skin before using it as it can irritate especially among people who have sensitive skin. It is important to purchase good quality soap nut to get the maximum benefit out of it. Soapnut online availability has made it easier for people living in different parts of the world to purchase it. You can purchase soap nut from Ajmal Herbs in Pakistan. They have high-quality original reetha (soap nut) available at reasonable prices.

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