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Sitting on every other dining table and kitchen counter, black pepper, or as we refer to it – ‘kali mirch’ is a staple spice consumed regularly by households across the world. Whether it is your everyday breakfast eggs or your favorite Italian pasta, a small dash of this spice adds notes of deep flavors that elevate the dish to a whole new level. Apart from its compelling flavor, there are lots of health benefits that you will get to know by the end of this article. It originates from the unripe fruit of Piper Nigrum from native India that is dried to obtain whole black pepper. It has several health benefits for your digestion, immunity, weight, skin, and even mental health issues like depression.

Health Benefits of Black pepper

Improves Digestion

A properly functioning stomach is a health goal for many people. Luckily, black pepper helps in achieving this goal, and consuming it raw assists in the release of hydrochloric acid that helps to break down protein and cleanse the intestines. To digest the carbs and fats, it can also stimulate the release of enzymes in the intestines and pancreas. If you suffer from a loose bowel movement, this miracle spice can be a source of prevention. Adding a dash of raw pepper in every meal can help you develop a strong digestive system.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a universal issue in the present busy world. Almost every other person is looking for medications to cure their BP when the medicine is humbly lying in their kitchen counter. Black pepper is rich in piperine that, according to medical research, is an effective alkaloid for reducing blood pressure. Consuming piperine in small quantities every day can be extremely productive in controlling blood pressure. Not only this but, it is also known to alleviate the overall availability of curcumin. Reducing salt in your everyday diet and increasing whole black pepper can help you significantly lower your blood pressure.

Controls Blood Sugar

Medical research shows that the ‘king of spices’ is also very beneficial for reducing the levels of blood sugar metabolism. Consuming piperine for 8 weeks straight resulted in considerable improvement to insulin sensitivity in overweight people. Black pepper oil is recommended as it comprises of 2 enzymes useful for breaking starch to glucose. This helps in regulating blood sugar and reducing its absorption time to normal.

Fights Cellular Damage

As a result of being exposed to radiation by the sun, smoke, pollution, and poor diet, your body is prone to developing cellular damage. Several studies have indicated that black pepper is a great antioxidant for your body. These antioxidants fight against the unstable molecules also known as the free radicals that promote cell damage. This is not just it. These antioxidants will help your body fight against the damaged cells that help people get rid of cancer prior to its advanced development. Several other compounds present in ‘kali mirch’ like beta-caryophyllene and limonene will also protect your body from diseases.

Prevents Cancer Development

Is it possible that a disease as dangerous as cancer can be cured by something as humble as a whole black pepper? Well, to your surprise, the answer is positive. Many medical researchers have studied this in detail. They have come to the conclusion that this particular compound, piperine, has cancer-prevention effects. Mix it with turmeric and milk for consumption. This drink comprises of vitamin A and carotenoids in abundance. These play an integral role in reducing the development of cancer in a persons’ body. Add it in your daily recipes, and you can prevent a cause before it actually occurs.

Improves Respiration

The common cold and normal cough is a nightmare of its own league. Coughing and flu are recognized to develop common respiratory issues. These can be cured just by the consumption of black pepper. Enriched with vitamin C, it will help you boost your immunity and relieve you from the discomfort of chest congestion. Crush whole black peppers and add them in your milk, green tea. Even honey and warm water will yield amazing results within a few days.

Reduces Joint Pain

Osteoporosis and arthritis are quite common in people especially women and people suffering from obesity. Luckily, peppers help you in the prevention of gout. Having a warm beverage with peppers can also help you relieve the discomfort caused by spinal and joint pain.

Benefits of Black pepper For Weight

Boosts Metabolism

One of the most common reasons why people suffer from obesity is a slow metabolism. However, kali mirch, your very desi spice all the way from exotic native India will help your boost your metabolism and aid you in weight loss. Packed with Vitamin A, C, and K as well as several minerals like sodium, calcium, and potassium will help your metabolism digest food faster. The presence of dietary fiber and healthy fats helps a person in obtaining regular bowel movement that is compulsory to get rid of toxins and promote weight loss. Adding spice to your food will help you in fat burning. We can say that adding a bit of kali mirch kick to your tea or even chewing it directly is not a bad idea!

Reduces Cholesterol

Heart diseases and cardiac arrests are the leading cause of death across the world. Low-density lipoprotein or LDL cholesterol is one of the major reasons for developing heart diseases. These diseases can lead to dangerous medical emergencies like stroke, heart attack, or even fatality. Having a black pepper induced diet can help you reduce the cholesterol levels in your body. Piperine ensures that minerals and healthy vitamins are absorbed in the body. This results in a significant reduction in cholesterol. Curcumin, a healing component in turmeric is absorbed up to 2000% if consumed with peppers.

Detoxification Agent

Removing toxins from the body is the first step to moving towards an effective and healthy weight loss. Black pepper allows your body to function more rapidly and increases your overall body temperature to cause sweating and urination. This is a good way to get rid of the unhealthy toxins and water weight residing in the body. There are a lot of detox drinks that comprise of pepper as their major ingredient. Whether you decide to take it with honey and warm water or with lemon, cucumbers, gingers, and mint – peppers are an important component of most detox drinks.

Now that we have discussed the benefits of this staple spice as a detox and weight loss promoter, you need to know that the spice alone is not as effective on its own. It works best when you introduce a healthy diet and a proper exercise routine.

Reduces Depression

Depression is a common issue nowadays. Educational, professional, and personal stress is quite a lot to handle. People often begin to deal with stress and depression. It comprises of piperine that helps people deal with depression by enhancing the overall functionality of their brain.

Black Pepper For Hair

Scalp Cleansing and Hair Growth

This spice comprises of large quantities of vitamin C. This helps you cleanse your scalp and remove all the unwanted dead cells residing in the scalp. The most effective remedy is to make a mixture of peppers with oils that you like. Apply it to the scalp mainly the roots and the tips. Wash and rinse with your shampoo and conditioner. It is also an effective way to promote hair growth.

Black Pepper for Skin

Skin Exfoliation

It can be used as an effective scrub for skin exfoliation to remove dead cells. This will leave your skin much smoother than before. Many companies have started to produce pepper face wash mixed with other ingredients. It is better that you use some whole black peppers with yogurt or lime. Apply it on your face and wash it after 20 to 30 minutes. Not only will this render your skin much smoother, but it will also remove all the unwanted toxins from your skin.

Reduces Acne

If you are looking for ways to reduce acne on your skin, it is a great remedy. The spice will help you loosen the clogged pores, remove blackheads, clear acne, and wash away all the oils in the body. It will also kill the growing bacteria on the face while you exfoliate. Peppers are rich in antioxidants. They also comprise of anti-bacterial properties. This makes them extremely effective for clearing dirt from the skin.

Final Thoughts On Black Peppers

By now, we are clear that the ‘king of spices’ is not just some spice you can add in your food. Even though it has a pretty dense flavor, it does offer some incredible health benefits that help you maintain your general health. However, this is not where the list ends! There are multiple benefits of black pepper for healthy skin and hair. Incorporate this exotic spice and experience the multiple benefits that will help you glow and sparkle like your favorite model. Start adding peppers in your general diet. You will see a difference within a few weeks. Luckily, buying peppers is not a hard thing. You can easily purchase them from Ajmal herbs at affordable prices.

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