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Gugal, also known as Commiphorawightii, is a gum resin of a native plant to India. It is a flowering plant that belongs to the Burseraceae family of the plants. It has mostly been used to cure different diseases for many centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. This gum has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. The presence of immunity-boosting compounds in this gum makes it an effective treatment for a broad range of bacterial infections, skin diseases, and inflammatory diseases. It is also able to cure chronic diseases like cancer in some cases. Cooking this gum with water, ghee and other plants are commonplace in the Ayurvedic tradition to fight a range of problems. Including this gum in the daily diet can prove to be an effective solution to many health problems. Keep reading to find out the health benefits of this gum and how to use guggul as well.

Effectiveness Against Cholesterol 

High cholesterol is one of the primary reasons for hypertension and heart problems. The presence of cholesterol in blood vessels can block blood flow and cause severe heart stroke and brain hemorrhage. It is important to keep cholesterol low for a healthy life. However, using gugal is proven to cure high cholesterol in the Ayurvedic tradition. This gum ensures the lowering of cholesterol in the body by inhibiting its further production. Furthermore, it acts to breakdown the cholesterol and makes it easier to excrete it from the body. When taken with other appropriate herbs, this gum is known to lower the chest pain in many patients with heart problems. It is also able to bring ECG patterns back to normal. It is also known that this gum can reduce the inflammation that is caused by atherosclerosis in blood vessels. Using this gum has produced positive results in balancing the lipid levels in the body. Therefore, those patients who suffer from high cholesterol can find it to be highly effective.

Detoxification Of Body

The toxin builds up in the body from inhaling toxins, eating toxic foods, and the liver’s improper working can cause severe harms. They can become the reason for skin problems, heart failure, and even cancer. Removing the toxins from the body is very important to live a healthy life. Gum gugal is known to clear up the body from any toxin present in the body from any major illness or the prolonged use of antibiotics. Another powerful benefit of this gum is that it can secure your life from any damages. It is recommended as a cure for liver disorders in Ayurvedic medicine. It works to break the fatty acids that accumulate in the liver and causes them to leave the liver. It is also known to potentially fight kidney infections and reduce the inflammation caused by them. Overall, this gum can reduce the severe effects of toxins in the body by improving kidney and liver health.

Immunity Against Bacterial Infections

Many infections in the body like UTIs (urinary tract infections) can decrease health and, eventually, life quality. Prevention of infections comes from a healthy immune system, which is a critical factor in living a healthy life. Many men diagnosed with a large prostate and who suffered from painful urination have been found to feel relieved with the use of gugal. This gum contains many compounds that act as immune-modulators, hence reviving the immune system to its healthy state. It also works to increase the number of white blood cells in your body that fight as the first line of defense against any infection. Many infections caused by commonly found bacteria, including diarrhea, nausea, and fever, can be cured effectively using this gum. It is also helpful against the presence of intestinal form that becomes the cause of many infections in the body. In short, using gum gugal can make you strong to fight against many infections.

Cure For Skin Problems 

Exposure to sunlight for long periods can cause many skin problems, including wrinkles. Lack of treatment of skin problems can cause extreme chronic diseases like skin cancer. Taking great care of your skin is indeed a pillar of living a healthy life. Using gum gugal can reduce the wrinkles produced by aging or more prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. This gum can slow the speed of wrinkles appearance and even ultimately end the wrinkles in some cases. It can reduce the production of enzymes that causes the death of skin cells. The presence of collagen in it makes the skin looks younger and improves its elasticity. Your skin looks fresh and clean with this gum because it reduces the wrinkles and generates new skin cells. Other skin conditions like allergic dermatitis can also be effectively treated with the use of this gum. Other benefits of this gum include the cure of oily skin, reducing acne and fighting oxidants. Including this gum in the daily diet can fight against many skin problems.

Cure For Gum Diseases

Gum health is key to proper digestion and a healthy life. Common gum diseases like gingivitis can cause immense stress and become a reason for mood swings. It is found from the composition analysis of gugal that it contains many compounds that make give it anti-inflammatory properties. It also has vital compounds that kill bacteria and work as a potent anti-bacterial agent. Many mouth problems like gingivitis and canker sores can be effectively treated with the use of this gum. Putting a small piece of this gum in half a cup of warm water can be used three times a day as a mouthwash to ease the inflammation and make the pain disappear. It is an effective alternative to common mouth problems.

Maintains Proper Brain Activity

Our brain can suffer from many serious diseases, including brain malformations, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebellar disorders, and dementia. Keeping the most important organ of our body safe from any chronic disease is an essential task. The main active component present in gum gugal called guggulsterone is known to improve cognitive ability and help patients with dementia. This compound has distinct properties, making it a neuroprotective agent, allowing it to help specific problems like epilepsy and paralysis. One of the reasons Alzheimer’s disease includes the amyloid precursor protein processes itself in high cholesterol levels. Gugal is known to fight cholesterol, which can lower the chances of Alzheimer’s disease effectively it is natural cures for Alzheimer’s.


Gugal has many health benefits and can fight against many severe health problems like obesity, high cholesterol, and brain problems. If you are wondering about “how to use guggul,” you can take it in many ways. You can put this gum in dry form in milk, water or any other liquid and slowly drink it. You can even grind it to a powder and use it with other helping herbs as well. Make sure to include this herb in your diet to get all the natural benefits and build immunity against diseases. Gum gugal is available online at Ajmal herbs, a store trusted by millions for buying original herbs.

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