Senna Makki, natural remedies for immune system natural remedy for malaria natural remedies for black hair best remedy for indigestion. sana makki leaves is very effective

Sana Makki or Senna leaves are rich in different nutrients and have numerous benefits for health, skin, and body. It is used by people all over the world. The essential oils and tannins are also present in it making it one of the most beneficial and effective herbs for treating a variety of problems. Sana Makki is an effective herb use to boost the immune system which is very important in the current coronavirus situation where the coronavirus is a universal issue. Sana Makki is an effective yet inexpensive way to solve your skin problems and many other health issues. It is available in the form of powder, liquid, and also tablets. You can use it in whatever form you like.

Senna Makki For Immune System

Senna Makki also plays a role in boosting the immune system due to the presence of antibacterial elements in it. In the current pandemic of COVID 19, we need to make sure that we use herbs and other products which help to boost the immune system so that we don’t catch the flu or fever easily. Senna Makki is also used to treat problems like malaria, jaundice, and anemia. Additionally, Senna Makki is an herbal solution for boosting the immune system and it has nothing to do with the treatment of COVID-19.

The Senna Leaves Benefits

Senna Makki For Hair

The senna leaves act as an effective herb for strong and thick black hair. It can lighten the hairs if applied regularly due to natural highlighting properties in it. For people with thin hair just mix the Senna Makki powder with yogurt or milk, apply it on the hair, leave it for some time to get smooth, silky, and strong hair. If you want to get better results you can add other ingredients like citrus juice, essential oils, herbal tea.

Senna Makki For Skin

This herb is also a strong detoxification agent that helps to clear the skin. Senna Makki is also useful in clearing the impurities from the blood. This herb can be used to treat skin inflammation as it has essential oils and tennis present in it. Acetone and ethanol are also present in Senna leaves which helps to fight acne as they are used to fight micro-organisms causing acne. Problems such as psoriasis, acne, eczema, and pimples can be treated with Sana Makki. Create a paste with Sana Makki and apply it to the skin. It will help you get rid of all types of such issues.

Senna Leaves also increase collagen production which is essential for good skin and reduces the production of sebum resulting in fewer pimples. The herb can be used as a treatment for ringworm, wounds, and burns due to the presence of tannin, resin, and essential oils.

Senna Makki For Indigestion

This herb is highly recommended for people with problems such as constipation, digestion, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney stones, and abdominal diseases. Using Senna Makki for constipation is preferred. Sana Makki makes it easier for the walls of the intestine to contract which pushes the food forward solving the constipation problem.

Apart from that, it helps in solving problems such as burping. If you get heartburn or experience problems like nausea, bloating you can use Sana Makki to get some relief from such problems. If you take Senna Makki with ginger or peppermint it can solve your problem of gas.

Senna Makki For Cleansing Colon

Senna Makki is known as a cleansing herb because it has laxative properties. Traditionally it has been used to remove the heat which has been accumulated in the large intestine, hence contributing to getting rid of the food which is gathered in the stomach. Today before colonoscopy and other colon surgeries, doctors use this herb for colon cleansing purposes.

Sana makki leaves leaves For Bad Breath

If you have bad breath, then Sana Makki is the best herbal solution for you. All you need to do is put Sana Makki leaves in the boiling water for 5 minutes. Allow it to cool and then drink it. You can drink 3-4 times a day for effective results.

Senna Makki For Bloody Stool

For bloody stools make a decoction of Ginger and Senna powder. Use it at bedtime. You will get the desired results.

Senna Makki For Weight Loss

Using Senna Makki for weight loss is also popular among people. The senna tea acts as a stimulant providing significant benefits such as boosting the immune system, getting rid of health issues, and many more. You can get relief from constipation which is the result of low fiber weight-loss diets. Your fluid intake can also be increased with this herb as it is low in calories and also have a flavor hence drinking it is easier, unlike many other herbs.

Also, you can reduce your food intake because eating reduces when you drink more fluid. Also, the removal of toxins from the body is something in which Senna Makki is really effective. When the toxins are removed from the body and detoxification has taken place the nutrient can be better absorbed by the body and also the metabolism system works faster resulting in weight loss for people who want to reduce weight for a healthier life. You can make a drink for weight loss by adding a few of the leaves in water and boil it, leave it for some time to cool and then drink it.  

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