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Who doesn’t like dates? An eccentric fruit packed with nutrients and healthy minerals holding utmost importance for Muslims across the world. Now it must be surprising for some people that a fruit similar to dates exists in this world. It’s known to people as the jujube fruit. In many parts of the world, they are known as the red dates because their taste and somehow the general look is quite similar to your regular dates from the Middle East. For over a long time period of more than 4000 years, it was cultivated in China. More than 400 cultivars of this fruit exist so far.

Over the years, the Chinese have been able to export this divine fruit to different parts of the world like Russia, America, North Africa, the Middle East, and South Europe. Locally known as unaab (عناب), it comes bursting with a diverse range of benefits like better sleep and an improved digestive system. If you look at unaab fruit pics you will find out that a fresh fruit looks like small apples or browner tones while the dried version is more like dates. This article will highlight the major health benefits of jujube and why you need to incorporate it into your regular routine.

Jujube Fruit Benefits

Improves Sleep and Mind Functionality

Who doesn’t like to sleep better? Presently, people work really hard and the last thing they want is a night of bad sleep. Not having enough sleep can trigger you to act surprisingly cranky. If you are suffering from such an issue, then the unaab herb (جڑیبوٹی عناب) is the right ingredient for you. Jujube has been used as alternative medicine that helps an individual get better sleep and reduce the symptoms of insomnia, Improving sleeping duration and experience is not just about it.

According to a study, it was shown that jujube fruit has the capacity to prevent the brain cells from compounds that destroy nerves. Dementia is commonly caused by a disease known as Alzheimer’s. It can also be treated effectively with jujube. It is packed with unique antioxidants that are the main reason behind its sleep-enhancing qualities. Neuroscientists are working on finding more beneficial traits of this jujube fruit for the brain.

Improves Blood Circulation

One of the core functions of blood in our body is to supply oxygen to every other part. Our hormones, cells, and signaling molecules are transported from one part of the body to another from the blood. By having said that, it is vital to have optimal blood circulation. One of the many jujube fruit benefits (کےفوائد عناب) is that it is packed with zinc, potassium, iron, manganese, and other minerals. These minerals are compulsory to maintain good blood flow. While these minerals help improve the blood flow in the body, minerals like iron, help improve the hemoglobin level and prevent from anemia. The saponins, triterpenoids, and alkaloids ensure that your blood is purified and rendered free from toxins and any form of unwanted waste. We can conclusively say that Unaab is good for blood circulation (خون کی گردش).

Improves Digestive Functions

Your digestive system has to be at an optimal level if you want regulated bowel movement. Jujube fruit fresh (تازہ عناب) comprises of vitamins A and C. It also has anti-allergic and anti-anaphylactic properties. These are known to be powerful antioxidants. Having an abundance of these vitamins in your body will help you fight radical damage. Radical damage is known to destroy your immunity and increase the risk of cancer and other heart-related issues. Vitamins and nutrients found in jujube will regulate the production of inflammatory cytokines and prevent the release of histamine. However, make sure that you don’t go too overboard with the consumption of the fruit. Overconsumption may lead to an exceeding level of blood sugar above the normal range. A 100-gram serving or 3 pieces of fruits per day is enough.

Constipation Relief

Constipation is a general health issue. It is mainly common among infants and old people. The reason behind this is that their regular fiber requirements are different than those of a young healthy person. Many people suffering from a lack of health care knowledge and personal care information consider constipation as an embarrassing issue. We can say that they find it a topic that needs discussion or medical attention. However, it is a serious medical issue, and leaving it unattended for a prolonged period can lead to the development of hemorrhoids. Unaab herb is quite a relief in this scenario as they come with high contents of fiber that will help you get your bowels moving. Consider increasing your overall water intake and add natural laxatives like this in your diet.

Improves Heart Health

All that our heart wants from us is fully-functional, unclogged arteries with an occasional tweak of your favorite junk food. Jujube fruit (عناب)is shown to have low sodium content that is beneficial for the heart. In the meantime, it also comes packed with potassium. Potassium helps the blood vessels to relax and also reduces blood pressure. People suffering from obesity can take it as a regular snack as it will fulfill their sweet cravings without doing any damage to the body. It is a recognized antiatherogenic that prevents unhealthy fat from clogging the arteries. According to a report, it has also assisted obese people in reducing the lipid count in their blood.

Prevents Skin Aging

Women are always finding new ways to look younger. Even though there are a lot of chemically manufactured products available in the market, nothing beats the charm of anti-aging the natural way. Women in Pakistan prefer natural procedures to look younger instead of going under the knife. If you don’t have any medical issues and you are perfectly healthy, you still have an excuse to devour over this scrumptious fruit. Unaab comes with vitamins and minerals that can bet the anti-aging elements for your skin. They remove all the toxins from your skin through the digestive tract and help you get flawless skin with an unmatchable glow regardless of your age. The fact that it is packed with antioxidants has a lot to do with the easy elimination of toxins from the body.

Assists in Weight Loss

Thanks to all these fast-food chains and franchises, the rate of obesity is growing in Pakistan as well. Not only does obesity leave you with a worse-looking body, but it also plays an important role in damaging your internal organs and functions. Fortunately, miracles like jujube still exist in this world. No matter what diet you are on or how you are trying to remain fit, this fruit will become your favorite snack in no time. It comes bursting with flavor, vitamins, and minerals. However, it is reported to have zero carbs and fats. It is also extremely rich in fiber that makes it an ideal substitute for sweet and fatty foods. Not only will عنابhelp you in losing weight, but it will also help your relief from common digestive problems like constipation.

Improves Bones

Healthy bones are a foundation for a healthy body. Bones have the tendency to weaken and become hollow over the passage of time. However, with a proper diet and consuming the correct fruits can help you restore the bone strength. Dried jujube is quite beneficial in this regard. When dried, the unaab herb is packed with nutrients like calcium and phosphorus. They play a vital role in restoring bone density. People suffering from arthritis can also benefit from this fruit as it has anti-inflammatory properties. They help reduce the swelling in joints. If you are diabetic, consult with your medical specialist before taking any kind of sweet fruit. Even though natural sugar is not harmful, it is still a good practice to seek consultation from a medical expert.

Prevents Sore Throat

Winters are a dilemma for many people. While most of us hate the chilly outdoors, many people suffer from issues like the common cold and flu. People with a weak immune system tend to get sicker than people with a healthy one. As long as we have fruits like jujube, there are ways to regain strength in the immune system (بخار کیلئے عناب). Jujube fruit comprises of mucilaginous properties. These properties allow it to act much more than healthy fruit. Over the years, people have been using it as a herbal medicine for sore throat. It is rich in potassium, vitamin A and C. We can say it is a highly-effective immunity booster. Take dried jujube and crush it into a powder form. Take this mixture regularly for a week with warm milk and you will feel the difference in your health.

Final Thoughts

Jujube fruit is indeed a highly beneficial natural healer available for us. You can consume it in any way you like. Excess of everything is bad for health. So, it is important that you do not start eating it a lot. The recommended serving size for unaab is 3 pieces per day to obtain definite nutritional value. In Pakistan, it is not a difficult task to purchase it. Thanks to the evolution of modern technology, you can easily order at your doorstep from Ajmal Herbs at reasonable prices and good quality.

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