Salab Misri (Salep) for sex health and herbal medicine for sexually long time

Salab Misri, commonly known as Salep, is a herb that is native to the Western Himalaya region. It is widely cultivated in India, South Asia, and Europe. This plant is known for the seminal smell that comes from its fresh root tubers. It is a plant that has great importance in the centuries-old Unani and Ayurvedic systems of medicine and know as best herbal medicine for sexually long time. One of the widely known benefits of this herb is its aphrodisiac properties for sex health. Therefore this herb is included in a variety of Ayurvedic and Unani medicines to promote good sexual health. Another great salab misri benefits herb is the demulcent action that enables it to cure gastrointestinal irritation. The patients of chronic diarrhea and bilious fevers are also given this herb to work as a vital medicine and providing nutrition. Aged patients who don’t have a diagnosed disease, but feel tired, can use this herb for rejuvenation purposes. This herb is also a cure for hypertension, high cholesterol, tuberculosis, skin problems, and neural stress.

Outstanding Benefits Of Salab Misri

Overcomes Sexual Problems

Proper sex health is essential to living a stress-free life. Patients suffering from common sex health problems like erectile dysfunction and low sperm count are prone to depression. Hence it is important to use the proper cure for these problems. One of the best herbal medicine for sexually long time is salab misri, it has been proven to solve many sex health problems. People diagnosed with impotence have found this herb to cure their impotence and to give them a boost. Another clinical study carried out to find the sexual benefits has revealed that using this herbal medicine for sexually long time can improve males’ spermatogenesis. Using this herb is also known to increase the levels of testosterone and sperm level. Another fantastic benefit of this herb is that it can effectively oligospermia and cure patients with male infertility. It is also able to solve the common problem of sexual dysfunction effectively. Those males identified with sexual disability due to diabetes have found this herb to rejuvenate their sexual power. Including this herb in your daily can ensure that you don’t have any sex health problems and live a stress-free life.

Cure For Hypertension

Smoking, obesity, and the use of higher amounts of salts in your diet can cause high blood pressure. Hypertension can cause many health problems like heart failure, narrowing blood vessels, metabolic syndrome, and even dementia. It is necessary to keep the blood pressure regularly for a healthy life. A study has revealed that this herb has the properties to work as an antihypertensive and reduce systolic blood pressure. Along with this property, this herb can also work as a dyslipidemic agent and cure endothelial dysfunction. The process of curing endothelial dysfunction and lowering the lipid profile occurs by increasing the amount of acetylcholine. Salab misri is also very useful for patients who higher lipid levels because of a high-fat diet. This herb can cure hypertension and high lipid levels effectively if you include it in your diet.

Removes Neural Stress

Stress in your neural system can cause many problems like neuralgia, causalgia, cancer pain, phantom limb pain, and entrapment neuropathy. Many of these neural pain problems are hard to diagnose, but finding a cure for them is essential to living a life without mental stress. This herb has been used for centuries as a tonic to solve neural pain problems. This herb is known to solve many of the issues related to neural stress complications. Stress on nerves causes the patient to feel chronic pain and feel uneasy while there is seemingly no problems present in the body. Salab misri can cure neural stress because of the presence of active compounds in it. This herb unwinds the nerves that have been stressed for any reason. Nerves get relaxed in this process, and the pain associated with their stress gets lowered with time. Those patients who have been suffering from neural pain can include this herb in their daily diet and enjoy great results.

Effective In Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a health problem in which the body discharges feces frequently in the liquid form. This problem is commonly caused by a bacterial infection, food poisoning, and prolonged use of medications. A proper cure for diarrhea is necessary to prevent any complications that may come from this disease. Along with many other benefits, using Salep has been found to cure diarrhea. This herb works for regulating the movement of bowels for diarrheic patients, hence restoring their digestive system. Another outstanding benefit of this herb is that it cures hyperacidity and cures many other gut problems. This herb’s specific activity to make the bowel movements familiar makes it an essential part of many Ayurvedic and Unani medicines to cure diarrhea. Patients who have been suffering from diarrhea can use this herb with warm milk.

Maintaining Proper Skin Health

Some of the skin problems include eczema, acne, hives, and vitiligo. Skin problems put the person suffering from them in a bad mood and reduce their ability to focus on day-to-day tasks. Curing skin problems is a necessary part of a healthy life and increases the focus on given tasks. One of the salab misri benefits is that it can effectively cure several skin problems. The presence of healing compounds in this herb makes it a great solution to cure skin problems by rehabilitating its elasticity. One of the common skin this herb can cure is rashes on the skin. Teens and adults who suffer from chronic acne can also use this herb to cure their acne problems. This herb kills the bacteria present in the skin and takes excessive sebum to solve the acne problem. Salep can also heal gu

m tissue and promote good gum health. It is also to heal various types of cuts and wounds. Different types of ulcers can also be cured by using this herb. Be sure to enter this Salep herb in your diet if you want to enjoy a life free of skin health problems.

Treatment For Cough

Bacterial infections and seasonal allergies cause problems like cough and cold. These problems solve on their own most of the time but can cause complexities in some cases. It is, therefore, essential to cure cough to prevent any health complexities. Among many other salab misri benefits is that it can cure cough and cold accompanying it. The expectorant properties found in this herb allow it to take the mucus out of the throat and ease cough symptoms. Therefore, those suffering from cough can consume this herb to get cured of the cough fast.


Salep is cultivated worldwide for its beneficial health benefits. This herb can solve many health problems, including hypertension, sexual health problems, cough, skin problems, and diarrhea. For these benefits, you can find this herb in several Unani and Ayurvedic medicines. Consuming this herb can ensure that you live a healthy life and keep yourself safe from several health problems. If you are looking for good quality of Salep at a reasonable price in Pakistan, then head over to Ajmal Herbs to buy this herb and many other herbs at an affordable price.

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