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You must remember how your mother would coat your paratha in ghee and sometimes sprinkled it with sugar to create a delightful homemade delicacy. Such a simple food gave so many flavors and amazingly instant energy. Well, mothers know the best, and certainly, there are many secret perks to this which you’ll realize after giving this blog a read. Desi Ghee is a type of clarified butter, prepared by the butter present on top of the cream of the milk.

It is used in Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine to give buttery flavor to the food. And It is also a traditional medicine as it boosts up the immune system, which will protect you from falling sick. It is healthier to use it rather than processed butter. And It has lower fat content than margarine, too. It has multiple uses and benefits, for skin, hair, and health. Pure desi ghee is extremely reliable as it is always made from the milk of cow.

Desi Ghee Benefits for Health:

Improves Digestion

In popular Ayurvedic medicine, Desi Ghee is recommended for fast digestion. It helps in acid excretion of the body and digests food faster than usual. It also balances the heating element that is present in the stomach, which keeps your stomach acid free and hence, keeps it cool. Moreover, it cures constipation as the nutrients present in it provide instant relief. You can mix a spoonful of desi ghee benefits, in warm soy milk and have it before you sleep to keep your stomach healthy. It is rich in Omega-9, which decreases inflammation in the body and would give you relief from acidity.

Bone Development

Elderlies have always believed to give the younger one’s food coated in this oily substance. We’ve always heard them say how powerful it is and that we should eat it more regularly. The reason being desi ghee is full of fat-soluble vitamins which are necessary for good bone development in children. A spoonful of this clarified butter would help in the healthy bone structure of your child while ensuring growth. It contains many microbial, antiviral as well as anti-cancer agents which fight viruses and diseases. This is why consuming ghee would strengthen your immune system. It is rich in vitamin A, D, E and K, which are the essentials you need to have strong bones and for flawless growth as well as reproduction. So worry not if it gets your hands oily because certainly, that’s making you stronger.

Healthy Heart

Many nutritionists believe that ghee can be consumed daily, in a limited amount, to fulfill the body’s need for saturated fats. It also contains short-chain fatty acids which support cell membrane and protects the heart. It is naturally churned from curd milk from desi cows, so it’s safe to use. The presence of vitamin K in it allows a regular flow of blood and no blood clotting. However, it should be consumed in limited amount as too much-saturated fat could be harmful to the body, especially if the heart is already in a problem.

Balanced Cholesterol

Desi Ghee can be a much healthier choice in replacement of processed butter. Sodium levels in processed butter will increase cholesterol. At the same time, the short chain of fatty acids in ghee would reduce cholesterol in serum as well as intestine. Moreover, it will lower down LDL, which is bad cholesterol. And it will increase HDL, which is good cholesterol. This means that the consumption of some of it will allow your body to maintain a healthy balance of cholesterol and protect you from catching heart diseases. So, contrary to popular belief, it can be a healthy option, especially in comparison to processed butter.

Opens Clogged Nose

One of the most annoying situations is having a blocked nose, you find yourself unable to speak properly or sleep, even taste food properly. Yes, we know how maddening it is, and yes, we do have an easy solution for it. A tried and tested method to get relief from a clogged nose and treat sinus is the usage of this clarified butter. A few drops of warm Desi Ghee would clear the nasal passage and prevent congestion. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is told to apply a little of it on your nostrils to reduce sinus pain and congestion. Nyasa treatment for COLD also requires to put little drops of warmed ghee into the nose to have a clear throat and nose, in the morning. Make sure to use pure Desi Ghee for this purpose.

Desi Ghee Benefits for Hair

Hydrated Hair

Applying Desi Ghee to hair would get you rid of the dull, dry texture as it moisturizes them deeply. It hydrates them with fatty acids present within and nourishes the scalp. This will not only keep your hair healthy but also restore the nutrients that were lost in previous damage. All you need to do is heat a spoonful of desi ghee for hair, and massage it on your scalp with fingers – this will regulate the growth of hair and strengthen them. This will also lock shininess and smoothness in your hair so that you can flaunt it with ease.

Provides Conditioning

Ghee is rich in Vitamin E, which enables it to deeply condition the hair when applied. It is recommendable to apply it on the hair and cover it with a shower cap to leave it overnight. This will allow it to soak deep into your scalp and moisturize it completely, leaving your hair soft and voluminous. This hair mask would freshen up your hair follicles and keep the hair healthy and clean. It is better than those Vitamin E capsules as it is easily available in your kitchen!

Desi Ghee Benefits for Skin

For Chapped Lips

Desi Ghee has the same consistency as essential oils and can be used as a lip balm. Applying it on dry lips overnight will allow it to soak deeply into the soft skin of your lips and moisturize it. It will also remove the damaged skin from the lips. Moreover, it will scrub off any dirt or infection off the mouth. This way, you will have lips as soft as those of a baby when you wash it off in the morning.

For Dry and Dull Skin

It is full of Vitamin D, which will clear out the skin and give it a sensational glow. This will take away the dullness of the skin and make it fairer. It is easy to make a mask for this purpose; all you need to do is mix ghee with raw milk and gram flour and apply it to your face. For dry skin, applying desi ghee would provide it with the essential oils and Vitamin E. This will retain the glow while giving a soft and smooth skin. You can apply it on the body before a bath or massage your face with it for fifteen minutes, and you’ll see how fresh your skin feels afterward.

For Dark Circles

Antioxidants and fatty acids present in ghee make a great remedy for under-eye bags and dark circles. The dark circles are there because this part of the skin is usually neglected and not well taken care of. This clarified butter would moisturize it deeply with its oily nature and make it glow with the help of Vitamins present in it. It will hydrate the skin and clean out the darkness. Furthermore, it can replace anti-ageing creams and lotion because it has almost the same properties as them. This will surely give you a relief from applying a ton of material on your face as desi ghee is basically all in one!

We’re pretty sure you are wondering where this excellent food has been all your life and why haven’t you been using it more smartly? Well, don’t worry! It isn’t too late to start. Grab the purest and most reliable Desi Ghee from the Ajmal Herbs. They offer it at a reasonable price and are trusted by thousands of consumers.

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