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A unique looking natural chemical compound found in the finest shrubs of Middle East Asia, Iran and Iraq. Tragacanth is tasteless and odorless, but has amazing benefits and is shockingly present in many daily-use products such as toothpaste, lotion and jellies. The gumdrops from the plant in curved strips or pieces that can be powdered. It retains water to turn into a gel, which can be blended into a glue-ish paste. It is also used in food to thicken it, used in salads as dressings and even in drinks because of its incredible stabilizing properties. It has endless assistances and uses, and it is a natural medicinal ingredient in Unani treatments. Other than all of Tragacanth, it has incredible health benefits inclusive of stomach ailments like diarrhea and constipation, both, fighting off a heat stroke with its cooling properties and many more. Let’s get into the article to see how you can use Gond Katira (گوند کتیرہ) for the best of it.

Incredible Gond Katira (گوند کتیرہ) Benefits:

1. Energy Booster:

Sometimes when you are surviving on a lower number of spoons for energy, all you need is a booster to energize your vibe and make you feel better. And most of the times, in such situations, we do not have the commercialized drinks with us or even if we do, they are still harmful to be used regularly. What if we told you that the solution to your turmoil might just be in your kitchen? Gond Katira (گوند کتیرہ) is the answer, in fact, a very good solution. The reason behind this is that the gum is brimmed with proteins. All you need to do is add it up in your milkshake or just a cold glass of milk. The fine thing about this is its tasteless and odorless nature, which makes it very easy to be consumed. It will instantly give you an energized sense of feeling, especially if taken in the morning it will make you feel fresh all day.

2. Assists in Weight Loss:

A lot of Pakistanis constantly worry about their heavy bodyweight and are always trying one thing or the other to see how it helps them to lose some of it. Weight gain can be harmful at times, too, because what comes with it are ceaseless issues such as obesity, increased cholesterol and ultimately heart risks. Gond Katira (گوند کتیرہ) has magical capabilities in helping to reduce weight as it is rich in fiber. The nutrient helps in digestion but it still keeps you full enough to not have a need to eat constantly. The lower food consumption is what helps you in your weight loss journey. Moreover, it also boosts metabolism by fastening and acting as catalyst indigestion. All you need to do is sprinkle some of its powder on your food or add it into your summer drink! Just making it a small part of your diet plan can help you in many ways.

3. Prevents Heat Stroke:

Living in a tropical country like Pakistan, you have to get used to weather temperatures fluctuating faster than the speed of light. In the past few years, especially, the number of people who got affected by heat strokes have increased immensely. Gond Katira (گوند کتیرہ) has become one of the most used natural compounds which helped in treating this problem. This is because the compound has majestic cooling properties which help in clearing out the heat bubbles which are created from the sunny temperature. Adding Tragacanth into your summer drink, especially in cold milk, can help reduce the temperature of your body. Often in such conditions, children tend to get a nose bleed and to heal it as soon as possible – this is amazing. However, you might want to be cautious about the amount to give to children as too much of it can have some side effects on them.

4. Cures Constipation:

An embarrassing yet concerning and a very painful condition, constipation has been a problem of many among us. There have been several natural ways to cure constipation but Gond Katira (گوند کتیرہ) has proven to be one of the most effective of all of them. The compound is a natural laxative which fastens the digestive system by producing acids which cut down the food faster. It has a purgative property which helps in cleansing the stomach of excess gases which stops an easy bowel movement, hence Tragacanth encourages it. All you might want to do is make this a part of your dietary plan by adding some of it into your food or having it with some juice. Its odorless and tasteless nature makes it much easier to be eaten.

5. Nurses Post-Labor Pain:

Giving birth is the physically most painful thing to go through and mothers who have just been through labor try out anything and everything which provides them relief from the discomfort or the pain. Tragacanth is recommended by many women and is a very effective compound which could be immensely beneficial when consumed for this purpose. The compound has many anti-inflammatory properties which help in easing out the pain of the muscles, the contractions and cramps are also relieved. It is very effective from breastfeeding mothers because of its richness in protein, not only it’s healthy for the mother but also the baby. Many doctors also recommend Gond Katira for bones because it helps the mother gain all the nutrients which are let go during the childbirth. You may want to consume it with cold milk or a milkshake as it is very effective in that manner.

6. Cleanses And Beautifies The Skin:

Who doesn’t want clear, golden skin? We know that no one let’s go off a chance to try something that beautifies the skin and makes it better and shinier. Gond Katira (گوند کتیرہ) is something that you MUST try if you are looking for something that makes your skin clearer and cleaner. It contains fibrous compounds which detoxify the system and cures discoloring of the skin. Not only does it cleanse the skin thoroughly, but it also improves the glow, shine and complexion of your natural skin tone. One of its most amazing properties is the anti-ageing property, as it combines with the anti-oxidant compounds and keeps the skin wrinkle-free. There are many masks which you can try with this natural chemical compound, but most famously mixing soaked Tragacanth with egg white and rose water gives a new and better look to your skin. It can be applied on face, neck and hands for 15 minutes and then washed off with cold water to see amazing results. Adding almond powder in it can intensify and fasten the process but do add some milk with it too.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pack of this nutrient-filled goodness and make the best use out of it. It is full of nutrient and minerals which naturally help you be the better version of your self – be it skin, bones, muscles, or anything else. It is also a natural energy booster which can freshen you up in minutes, not only this it is also of great assistance in losing weight. A reasonable Gond Katira price in Pakistan is offered at Ajmal Herbs, a trusted online store to serve you quality products.

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